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About Karim (Presstext English Version)


Deutscher Pressetext


Karim Kahtan: Born in the late 70s and raised between the cultures of his father who originates from the mystical island of Zanzibar and his mother who represents his German part. Karim incorporates the fusion of emotionality from both worlds. The mixture in his blood, he is driven by the spirit that roots in the old traditions on the isle in the Indian Ocean and the clarity, distinctiveness and the critical distance toward his work which he adopted from the world of his mother.
Expressing these feelings adequately requires an instrument were the player still creates the sound himself, so the way to the sax as his "voice" wasn't a long one. The sound of the Saxophone with its unique harmonics and overtones is not only recognized by the listeners ears, but resonates through the entire body.
In the early 90s, inspired by Funk and Hip-Hop, Karim founded his first Band and his talent for improvisation was a gift for all the bands he played in and seemed like a natural blessing. In a self-critical and analytical manner he formed this talent towards a professional career. His work reached the Australian Top 10 as well as clubs throughout europe as a life performer. He played alongside other musicians like "Daniel Lopez", "Nevio" and "Die Firma". This passion is contagious , it quickly infects your guests as well.

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